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Health Services Supervisory Management Skills

QQI Level 6 Health Services Supervisory Management Skills

The Health Services Supervisory Management Skills Programme offered by B & B Nursing Ltd will provide opportunities for the Learner to acquire the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and working competences to pursue a career within a Supervisory Management role in a broad range of Health Services settings .The programme will give practical guidance on managing staff, working as part of a Healthcare team, demonstrating positive and strong Leadership skills and qualities. The Learner will develop strategies to deal confidently with staffing issues such as underperformance, lack of motivation, identify skills deficits among staff members and explore opportunities for staff development. The Learner will examine both employment and equality legislation relevant to their fields and explore good practices involved in supervision, and the development of systems and procedures for supervisory management. The Programme is designed to facilitate the Learner to marry theory and practice, thus ensuring that the Learner can apply their professional learning once they are working in a supervisory capacity. This programme offers specialised modules in healthcare management with training that can be applied to healthcare staff managing services offered to children in HSE care or otherwise those working in the areas of Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Health, Health Promotion, Rehabilitation Services, Social Services or other Healthcare settings.

Overall the programme is based on a duration of 1200 hours (typical learner effort), to include 400 hours (50 hours per component award) Directed Learning which will be Classroom based and 800 hours (100 hours per component award) Self-directed Learning which will consist of research time, study time, reflective practice, preparation and planning for skills demonstrations etc.

 Delivery methods

  • Directed Learning
  • Group Discussions/Interactions
  • Practical/workshop/Laboratories/studio sessions
  • Work Experience/Simulated Work environment
  • Tutorials/One on one supported learning
  • Self Directed Learning
  • On the job Training


6M4978Health Services Supervisory Management SkillsMajor6
6N1946Work ExperienceMinor6
6N2775Conflict ManagementMinor6
6N3945Managing PeopleMinor6
6N4329Supervisory ManagementMinor6
6N4447Community Care SupervisionMinor6
6N2209Mental Health AwarenessMinor6
6N2214Health PromotionMinor6
6N2196Rehabilitation PracticeMinor6
6N1975Disability AwarenessMinor6
6N1782Safety ManagementMinor6

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