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Healthcare Support

QQI Level 5 Healthcare Support

This programme was written offer certification to learners at Level 5 of the NFQ in Healthcare Support 5M4339. The overall aim of the programme is to provide learners with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence to work independently under supervision providing high quality healthcare support in a variety of contexts. Whether learners are planning to work in Hospitals, in the Community or in Residential Care, learners will find stimulating and functional modules with knowledge which can easily be applied to the workplace. This is an ideal course of study for care assistants who need to meet new training requirements for Care Assistants as stipulated by the HSE week in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere encouraging learner. Upon successful completion of a minimum of 8 programme modules the learner may achieve the required 120 credits for a Level 5 major award. The programme will offered to learners on a part time basis and has been designed to be sufficiently flexible so that it may meet the needs of the learner who wish to build to a major award on a modular basis. Overall the programme is based on a duration of 1200 hours (typical learner effort), to include both directed and self-directed learning. Upon successful completion of this programme, learners may transfer to a programme leading to certification in one of the other level 5 major or special purpose awards either with us or another QQI registered provider. Alternatively the learners may be eligible to apply to progress to the next or higher levels of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) with a higher education provider through the HELS or through direct application.

The programme is based around an overall notional duration of 1200 hours of typical learner effort to achieve 120 credits for the major award. This will include a minimum of 500 hours of directed learning and up to 700 hours of self-directed learning. The programme will be offered on a part-time basis . The programme is structured so there is flexibility for learners who do not wish to complete the major award programme but, instead, wish to complete a number of modules and achieve a number of component awards

Delivery Methods

  • Directed Learning
  • Group Discussions/Interactions
  • Work Experience/Simulated Work environment
  • Tutorials/One on one supported learning
  • Self Directed Learning


5N2770Care SkillsMinor5
5N0758Care SupportMinor5
5N2706Care of the Older PersonMinor5
5N3734Infection Prevention and ControlMinor5
5N3769Palliative Care SupportMinor5
5N1794Safety and Health at WorkMinor5
5N1356Work ExperienceMinor5

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