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Intellectual Disability Practice

QQI Level 5 Intellectual Disability Practice

The Intellectual Disability Practice Programme offered by B & B Nursing Ltd will provide opportunities for the Learner to acquire the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and working competences to pursue a career within The Healthcare Sector and Health Services settings such as: Community Workshops, Residential Care Centers, Community & General Hospitals, Rehabilitation Hospitals and Centers, Mental Health Services Providers for Independent Living Houses, Family Resource Centre’s, Nursing Homes, Community Care Programmes, Crèches, Family Support Centers ,and any other Healthcare settings or to progress to higher education and training. The overall aim of this programme is to provide the Learner with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence to work independently and under supervision applying best practice to enabling individuals with an intellectual disability to reach their potential and live the lives of their choice. The Learner will be able to work under supervision in a setting that supports and works with individuals with intellectual disabilities, and or healthcare settings or progress to further and or higher education and or training in Disability Studies, Social Care or a Healthcare discipline. The programme is suitable for school-leavers and for experienced mature persons seeking a formal qualification. Upon successful completion of this programme, learners may progress to employment within a Healthcare/Social Services environment dealing with individuals/groups with Intellectual Disabilities. The programme is designed to provide the learner with the opportunity to acquire the Theoretical knowledge, Practical and Skills and competencies in Intellectual Disability Practice in a manner that is inclusive and reflects best current practice. The Programme is structured to provide a foundation in the theory and practice of health science for learners with potential for academic progression routes in Intellectual Disability Practice and or Intellectual Disability Nursing and related health studies in Universities and Institutes of Technology in Ireland and the UK.

This programme can be offered on a full-time or part-time basis depending on a number of factors including the funding mechanism and learner availability. Directed Hours: 50 hours per module Self-Directed: 100 hours per module Full time. When delivered full-time this programme extends over 38 weeks. Students will attend the training centre 4 days a week for a period of 6 hours a day. A typical day will involve 3 hours of instructor-led training and a further 3 hours of supervised self-directed learning (completion of projects, compilation of learner journals, completion of assignments, exam preparation, research, study periods etc.) There is no instructor-led training during the periods of work experience, however the learner will be under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or equivalently qualified person such as a Healthcare Supervisor or Manager. Work Experience is conducted over a period of 30 days at scheduled intervals throughout the programme. The programme also includes onsite visits and presentations by industry experts throughout the duration of the Programme. Part Time: When run part-time, this programme is run over an 18 month period (104 weeks). Each module is delivered in a 7-week window during which students receive an average of just over 7 hours per week (50 hours) of instructor led-training. The balance of 100 hours of self-directed hours will be used by students for completion of projects, compilation of learner journals, completion of assignments, exam preparation, research, study periods etc. The programme modules do not run contiguously, however all 8 are completed within the 18-month period.

Delivery methods

  • Directed Learning
  • Group Discussions/Interactions
  • Practical/workshop/Laboratories/studio sessions
  • Work Experience/Simulated Work environment
  • Tutorials/One on one supported learning
  • Self Directed Learning
  • On the job Training



5M1761Intellectual Disability PracticeMajor5
5N1356Work ExperienceMinor5
5N1433Work PracticeMinor5
5N1652Intellectual Disability StudiesMinor5
5N1740Community InclusionMinor5
5N1749Empowering the IndividualMinor5
5N1753Facilitating LearningMinor5
5N1708Preschool Child with Special NeedsMinor5
5N1709Understanding Special NeedsMinor5
5N3738Family Support SkillsMinor5

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